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Buenos Aires: El Poder de la Anticipación. Imagenes Itinerantes del Futuro Metropolitano en el primer Centenario.

 (Buenos Aires:  The Power of Anticipation. Itinerant Images of the Metropolitan Future at the Time of the Centennial)

This is the first book that comprehensively examines the imagination of an urban future in Buenos Aires. The volume contains 185 images selected from 7,150 professional and mass media publications circulating in Buenos Aires between 1900 and 1920. Their diversity, creativity, humor and excitement expresses the many expectations people of Buenos Aires had about a promising urban future.

Margarita Gutman, Buenos Aires: Ediciones Infinito, 2011, pp.762. ISBN 978-987-9393-64-2..

Construir Bicentenarios Latinoamericanos en la Era de la Globalización

(Building Latin American Bicentennials in the Age of Globalization)

This book displays the objectives, preparations and activities commemorating the Latin American bicentennial of independence in its continental dimension.

A diversity of voices from nine countries exposes the rich spectrum of proposals and expectations made at different scales.

From Mexico City to Punta Arenas, including Bogotá, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, 35 authors examine critically the bicentennials preparations and the echoes of the centennials. Interpretations are presented in the fields of anthropology, history, economics and political science, social development, photography and film, architecture and urban development.

This book contributes to the regional and collective construction of knowledge on how Latin American countries address the challenge of the bicentennials. Bicentennilas are historically significant moments to rethink the past, to critically review the present, and to stimulate the imagination of a future of inclusion and justice.


Margarita Gutman y Rita Molinos (editoras). Buenos Aires: Ediciones Infinito, 2012. pp.462. ISBN 978-987-9393-71-0.

bsas2050Buenos Aires 2050

Buenos Aires 2050. Memories of the Past / Decisions of the Present, calls for a collective and inclusive discussion of a desirable future for the metropolis in which we live. It searches for ample options for the development and orients decisions in the present-day. This book presents the results of the first five years of Buenos Aires 2050 and contains 14 proposals and 8 commentaries of the participants, who are neighbors, students, and professionals living in Buenos Aires.

Margarita Gutman and Horacio Caride Bartrons (editors), 2008. Buenos Aires: IIED-AL y FADU-UBA. pp.126. ISBN 978-987-22370-3-5

bicentenariosLatin America on the Move. The Post Neo-Liberal Transition

Latin America is on the move. The newly elected governments in nine countries have rejected previous political failures used to confront the problems of poverty, inequality, exclusion, and social justice. Political leaders are looking for new paths to replace the neoliberal politics of the Washington Consensus.

This book presents the proposals of five Latin American political leaders with regard to the direction of change. Each of its essays analyzes, through their own voices, the immediate challenges and the future that these countries face in their historical context, and that they form a collection which represents an advancement towards what one of their leaders has articulated: “In Latin America, integration is a destiny.”

Michael Cohen and Margarita Gutman (editors), Buenos Aires: OLA and Ediciones Infinito, 2007, ISBN: 978-987-9393-52-9.

Bs As 1536-2006Buenos Aires 1536-2006. Historia Urbana del Área Metropolitana (Urban History of the Metropolitain Area)

This book spans 470 years of history of Buenos Aires, from the initial foundation in 1536 to its transformation today, in one of the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the world.
Buenos Aires, as with other great metropolises, has contradictions and challenges, evidencing both its successes, which are important, as well as its outstanding challenges with poverty affecting a significant portion of its population. Its recent history and its economic and political events have attracted the attention of specialists and scholars.
Buenos Aires presents itself today as a special case of the impact of globalization and the economic forces of a developing nation. This work is proof of this.

Margarita Gutman and Jorge Enrique Hardoy. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Infinito. 2007. pp. 422. ISBN 978-987-9393-48-2

  • "Buenos Aires 1536-2006. La Historia Urbana del Área Metropolitana” by Margarita Gutman and Jorge Enrique Hardoy. (The Urban History of the Metropolitan Area) by Marcelo Corti, Café de las Ciudades, Year 6 - No. 61 - November 2007. Read commentary
  • “La Historia Urbana Porteña en un libro“. Buenos Aires 1536-2006 (The Urban Porteña History in a Book.)” by Matías Gigli, Página 12, Saturday, May 3, 2008. Read commentary
  • "Un recorrido por la historia urbana de Buenos Aires", Diario Clarin, Suplemento de Arquitectura, November 27, 2007. Read commentary

bicentennialsConstruir Bicentenarios: Argentina (Building Bicentennials: Argentina)

This is a book of many voices. Its 32 authors reflect on the meaning, challenges, options, memories, and expectations which the opportunity of the bicentennial generates. These are the voices of historians, architects, philosophers, scientists, educators, functionaries, social workers, politicians, and youth in full training. They review, starting with current problems, different aspects of the memory of the past and they project it on the horizon of the bicentennial. Some 23 Argentine authors, two Latin Americans, three Europeans, an Indian, and three North Americans, cross inward gazes with those of the outside, bringing forth different textures, not those of homogenization.

Margarita Gutman (editor), Buenos Aires: The New School and Caras y Caretas, 2005. pp. 372. ISBN: 987-22557-0-9.

The Collapse of ArgentinaArgentina in Collapse? The Americas Debate

The 2001 2002 political and economic collapse of Argentina is examined in this book published in 2002, from an interdisciplinary and transcontinental perspective. It includes historians’ essays, those of economists, sociologists, journalists, and architects who are from both Argentina and the United States, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil.

Michael Cohen and Margarita Gutman (editors). Buenos Aires: The New School University and IIED-Latin America, 2002. pp. 210. ISBN 987-98033-2-9

1910Buenos Aires 1910: El imaginario para una gran capital (Buenos Aires 1910: The Imaginary for a Great Capital)

Numerous and various were the paths which led to the construction of an image of Buenos Aires as a cosmopolitain center in the extreme south of the world, and as a symbol of the new Argentine nation. On these paths, in Buenos Aires and abroad, a wide range of visual and discursive images were produced and circulated, which would allow natives of Buenos Aires to define the urban identity they were projecting on the national and international scene in which they attempted to place themselves.

A selection of these images of the beginning of the twentieth century is discussed in this volume, comprised of a selection of works by Tulio Halperín Donghi, Horacio Salas, and David Viñas, amongst others, presented in the International Colloquium of Buenos Aires 1910: the Imaginary for a Great Capital.

Margarita Gutman and Thomas Reese, Buenos Aires:  Eudeba, Centro de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de Buenos Aires. 1999, pp.404.  ISBN 950-23-0964-2.

Buenos Aires 1910: Memoria del Porvenir (Buenos Aires 1910: Memories of the world to Come)

bicentenariosThis book contains a visual account based in 260 images and objects from 40 public and private archives. These images are illuminated by texts from 40 historians, architects, academics, functionaries and politicians. It was edited within the framework of the exhibit, “Buenos Aires 1910: Memories of the World to Come,” presented in Buenos Aires, Washington, and New York.

Margarita Gutman, Buenos Aires: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, FADU UBA, lIIED- América Latina, pp. 526. ISBN 950-99268-7-6

El arquitecto Martín Noel. Su tiempo y su obra (The Architect Martín Noel. His Time and Work)

Publicaction realized within the framework of the exhibit carried out by the Group of Andalucía on the performance of the Argentine architect Martín Noel. Presented in Sevilla in 1995, the exhibit was later presented in the Fernández Blanco Museum of Buenos Aires.

Ramón Gutiérrez, Margarita Gutman, and Víctor Pérez Escolano (editors). Seville: Junta de Andalucía. Ministry of Culture. 1995. pp.308. ISBN 84-87826-71-7.


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